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Legal Services Bahrain is an online platform that provides all the legal services you need, under one roof. LSB is an affiliate of GSB Legal, a registered leading international law firm lead by two qualified attorneys, Ghadeer Alsayed & Sarah AlBayat in the Kingdom of Bahrain. GSB Legal has a specialized legal team with experience on all areas of law for corporate & litigation.

Legal Services Bahrain – Assistance, resolutions, peace of mind

Legal processes and complexity are not supposed to keep you out of business. Turn to LSB for a fully assisted strategy for establishment, sponsorship, tax benefits and how they can work for your company in the Middle East. We are a law firm in Bahrain that specialises in business setup services and individual support.

Our licensed attorneys and notaries work tirelessly to ensure every formality complies with Bahrain’s and international regulations. We bring full-scope legal assistance online on this platform to serve local citizens, foreigners, people figuring out taxes and others.

Legal advice for companies and individuals

Are you launching your own business? Bahrain’s lifted tax policies are a magnet for entrepreneurs. It’s wise to have a legal expert in your corner to make sure you are not paying more than necessary.

Are you looking for legal services for occupational or family matters? There’s always room for a favourable resolution, which is best achieved with an experienced attorney.

LSB is here to provide law-backed advice and all-encompassing assistance for each case. Our attorneys can be hired for:

  • Company formation. Whether you are looking to register your physical or virtual office in Bahrain, we can help with the CR, trademark and other processes that follow the setup of a new business.
  • Notary. Authorise someone to run your business, verify true copies and get signature attestations in one place. The LSB law firm provides a full spectrum of notary services you may need for personal and work-related issues.
  • Litigation. Our team is a force to be reckoned with in civil, criminal, family and visa cases. When you ask for legal advice, you’ll be assisted by a devoted expert and guided through every step of the dispute.
  • Consultations. We provide personalised consultations so your company can uphold local laws and industry-specific requirements. From shedding light on ownership concerns to uncovering potential tax benefits, our attorneys will have your back.

Legal needs may vary and require different levels of support. At LSB, we can fulfil them while maintaining absolute dedication, confidentiality and honesty.

Comprehensive legal solutions

LSB is an affiliate partner of an international law firm in Bahrain focused on helping people legally work and run their businesses in this country. That’s how our team combines unlimited skills and legal knowledge to be unmatched in:

  • Expertise. We support both individuals and businesses in starting up in Bahrain, ensuring you are aware of the legal aspects to keep track of.
  • Services. From advice to dispute resolution, our extensive range of legal services makes you feel supported at every stage.
  • Client-centred approach. Every client is unique, and so are our solutions. We adjust our services to find the most effective ways to assist you.
  • Understandable terms. The LSB team is multilingual and comprises professionals who speak Hindi, Arabic, English, Russian and other languages.

Book a consultation to receive legal services in Bahrain and get the sought-after support through the country’s legal landscape. The first consultation is free, and you will not be obligated to sign a contract.


Company Formation

We will obtain the necessary approvals from all authorities relevant to the chosen activity of the Company & obtain license within two weeks or even less. A company formation in Bahrain is a great choice for Investors, with access to local and international Markets, with free trade agreements with the United States and other foreign countries which allow 100% foreign ownership Read More

Virtual Office

We are partners in a extensive global network of workspaces gives you a real business address in prime locations, with a wide range of mail handling options and call answering services available, plus access to meeting rooms and desk space whenever you need it Read More

Notarial Services

True copy certifications or notarized true copy attestation are often necessary for legal or official documents such as academic transcripts, identification documents, legal contracts, EWA bills or any other paperwork that may be required in various official or professional contexts. It’s important to check the specific requirements from the authority requesting the certification as the process and requirements Read More


For a personalized understanding of how tax in Bahrain will work for your specific business, we invite you to contact us. Our
experienced tax consultants are available to provide comprehensive insights and guide you through the nuances of the tax
system. If you require a personalized tax report tailored to your business needs, please feel free to book an appointment
with our tax consultant Read More

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Paul H.
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Great service and super fast! There is no delay in the appointments , so if you have limited time they are on point !!!!!! good price , and super effective!
Nischitha Mathais
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I had a fantastic experience with this legal service. The staff was extremely helpful and professional, providing prompt and efficient service. Thanks to their assistance, my application for a refund was approved in record time. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of legal assistance.
Florence Brady
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What a fantastic service offered by Sarah ! When having difficulty with gov Dept she was happy to step in and talk direct to assist me in process can’t rate highly enough and will ...

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