Company Formation

Setup A Company in Bahrain

Legal Services Bahrain are proud to be one of the few licensed Professional Bodies in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Professional Bodies are only awarded to Licensed Lawyers & experienced Agents, to make sure that all formalities are done and reviewed in detail legally by legal persons. Being a Professional Body permits us to incorporate companies through a fast track process, we can issue your Commerial Registration (CR) without licence in just a few days, if not same day.

We will obtain the necessary approvals from all authorities relevant to the chosen activity of the Company & obtain license within two weeks or even less. A company formation in Bahrain is a great choice for Investors, with access to local and international Markets, with free trade agreements with the United States and other foreign countries which allow 100% foreign ownership.

The commercial law of Bahrain requires the company capital to be a multiple of 50 BHD per share. However with recent changes in the Commercial Companies Law, a Single Person Company (SPC) is now cancelled and all SPC’s were given a certain period of time to convert the Commercial Registration to a With Limited Liability Company (WLL).
As a result of the above change to the Commercial Companies Law, the requirement that a WLL have at least two shareholders has now been removed by the Amended Law. In order to make the conversion easier for SPCs, the Amended Law has removed any minimum capital requirement for a WLL.

A sole shareholder can now incorporate a With Limited Liability Company in Bahrain with minimum Capital requirement of 50BHD only.

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You can own a company in bahrain, with no CT tax.


BHD 50 Incorporate a company with minimum capital of fifty Bahraini Dinars only.


Certain activities allow 100% foreign ownership, no partner required.


Incorporate a company in Bahrain in a Fast Track process, only one visitation required.

Initially To issue a CR without License, We will Need a copy of Your ID’s, 3 Company Name Suggestions.
The last step to setting up a company in Bahrain is to Open a Company Bank account. Once the Memorandum of Association is signed by a notary public, or a Private Notary the bank will need the original signed Memorandum of Association to open a Company account.
The incorporation processes depends on the Business activities, each activity has its own approval process. Setting up a Consultancy firm for example, Takes only 1-2 weeks.

Citizens of the GCC and citizens of the United States of America (USA) may practice all commercial, professional, industrial, and service activities through a sole proprietorship or a company with exception to certain banned business activities.

Citizens of other countries, either Arab or foreign, may engage in all economic activities through all forms of commercial companies except for certain activities that require a Bahraini Partner.

Some activities do not require a physical shop to operate, with today’s technology you can complete run your Company in the comfort of your own home. This can be done by renting a Virtual Address, Virtual Addresses can be used as the companies main address or a temporary address until actual offices open.

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According to  the Ministerial Order  No. (83) of 2020 related to the disclosure of the Ultimate  beneficial Owner, it is  now  mandatory in accordance with the Ministerial order for  all CR holders to Register, Except for those licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

The Ultimate Beneficial Owner Basically any Shareholder owning more than 10% of the Company’s Capital. Failing to Register the UBO will imply a Violation on the CR.

Contact us if you require Ultimate Beneficial Owner registration (UBO).