Company Formation in Bahrain

Setting up a Company in Bahrain

Legal Services Bahrain are proud to be one of the few licensed Professional Bodies in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Professional Bodies are only awarded to Licensed Lawyers & experienced Agents, to make sure that all formalities are done and reviewed in detail legally by legal persons. Being a Professional Body permits us to incorporate companies through a fast track process, we can issue your Commerial Registration (CR) without licence in just a few days, if not same day.
We will obtain the necessary approvals from all authorities relevant to the chosen activity of the Company & obtain license within two weeks or even less. A company formation in Bahrain is a great choice for Investors, with access to local and international Markets, with free trade agreements with the United States and other foreign countries which allow 100% foreign ownership.
We specialize in company formation and business setup in Bahrain for both GCC nationals and foreign investors, guiding you through every step of the process. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to making the journey of setting up a business in Bahrain as smooth as possible. We offer personalized services, including assistance in obtaining 100% shareholding for foreigners in various sectors.

Tax Benefits

Bahrain has no corporate income tax, personal income tax, or withholding tax. Staying informed about potential changes in tax regulations is essential.


Incorporate a company with minimum capital of fifty Bahraini Dinars only if you are a resident in Bahrain.


Certain activities allow 100% foreign ownership, no local partner required.


Incorporate a company in Bahrain in a Fast Track process, only one visitation required.

Ease of Doing Business

Bahrain has made strides in improving its ease of doing business ranking, implementing reforms to simplify procedures related to starting a business.

Business-Friendly Policies

The government encourages foreign investment, and the Bahrain Economic Development Board actively promotes the country as a business destination.

Infrastructure Development

Ongoing infrastructure projects contribute to a well-developed business environment.

Strategic Location

Bahrain's strategic location in the Heart of the Gulf region can be advantageous for businesses looking to access markets in the Middle East.

Bahrain is recognised as one of the most liberal business environments in the world.

Before making any decisions, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, consider the specific requirements of your business, and stay informed about any recent developments. Contact us for professional advice from one of our qualifies lawyers for the latest information and updates.

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Setting up a company in Bahrain involves several steps, and the process can vary based on the type of business entity you wish to establish and the business activity. Here is a general overview of the steps involved

Determine Business Type

Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, Branch of a Foreign Company.


Reserve a Business Name

Choose a unique company name


Obtain Initial Approval

Submit the required documents to obtain initial approval .


Obtain a CR

(Commercial Registration) Certificate (Without license)


Obtaining License

Obtaining approvals from relevant authorities depending on your business activity

Provide company address

we can assist you with a virtual address, if required. further we obtain all registrations and approvals.


Drafting the Memorandum and Articles of Association

Prepare the Memorandum or Deed of Association outlining the company's structure, activities, and internal regulations.


Notarize Documents

Notarize the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association before the notary public


Open a Corporate Bank Account & Deposit Capital

Deposit the share capital in a local bank and obtain a certificate of deposit


Finalize Registration

Submit all required documents to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism to complete the registration process


Commercial Registration

Obtain the commercial registration certificate from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism


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Frequently asked questions?

  • What is the minimum capital required?

  • Minimum capital for residents in bahrain is starting from 50BHD only, for a nonresident we would sugguest that the capital is 1000+ BHD, the higher the capital the faster the approval process and bank opening approval.

  • Is it required to have a local partner?

  • No, if depends on the company activity. Not all activities require a local partner, most activities can have 100% foriegn ownership.

  • How long is the company formation process in Bahrain?

  • A maximum of 1 month to residents and 2-3 Months for non residence, the time frame includes obtaining the investor visa after the company formation is complete.