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Bahrain's Tax Advantages

For a personalized understanding of how tax in Bahrain will work for your specific business, we invite you to contact us. Our experienced tax consultants are available to provide comprehensive insights and guide you through the nuances of the tax system. If you require a personalized tax report tailored to your business needs, please feel free to book an appointment with our tax consultant. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the information and support needed to make informed decisions and optimize your tax strategy. Additionally, the absence of personal income tax enhances the overall appeal for individuals involved in business ventures.

it’s recommended to stay informed about any changes in the fiscal landscape.
Overall, Bahrain’s favorable tax policies contribute to a conducive environment for business growth and investment.

0% corporate tax rate

No personal income taxes

No wealth or capital gains taxes

No personal income taxes

No wealth or capital gains taxes

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Tax Registration



Book keeping & VAT

This package ensures financial compliance with Bahraini regulations, including the National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC).

VAT Business Preparation

This package is well suited for more mature businesses that may already have an accounting system in place, and only require support for compliance with NBR.

VAT Returns and Retainer

This package is crafted to aid businesses in achieving VAT compliance while facilitating the submission of VAT returns in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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Frequently asked questions?

  • What is VAT?

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax charged on selected goods and services bought and sold by businesses.

  • How does VAT work?

  • VAT is a type of general consumption tax that is collected incrementally, based on the value added, at each stage of production or sales. » It is usually implemented as a destination-based tax. » It is imposed on most supplies of goods and services that are bought and sold. » It is charged at each stage of the ‘supply chain’. » The difference between tax received/receivable from the customers & the tax paid/payable to the tax supplier & service provider is the net liability to be paid or refund can be done from the tax authority. » The tax return has to be filed on monthly/quarterly/half yearly basis, as prescribed by the Authority